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  • Responsible for the conception, design, and testing of the toboggan frame, steering, and braking.

  • Responsible for the design of the toboggan’s concrete mix and ski profiles.

  • Responsible for the scheduling of team training, as well as the procurement and planning of the toboggan’s construction.

  • Responsible for determining the year’s theme and designing and constructing all competition displays and costumes.

  • Artem Kobelev

    I joined WETT because the club allowed me to learn and progress at my own pace while giving me plenty of responsibility early on. The fun and friendly atmosphere made it really easy to dedicate myself to helping out, and everyone involved was always eager to help and to teach me new things.

  • Jamie Yip

    I joined wett because I heard it had the best balance of social and technical aspects of any eng club - and it did not disappoint! I was able to work on my technical skills and advance them through the different areas of the team but most importantly, I got to know so many great people that I was good friends with all the way through university. I heard wett has an incredible community of people and therefore, made the work creating the toboggan not feel like work at all because it was so fun to work with everyone!!